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Welcome to the Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center of NNY, a center for peace and personal growth, and community in Adams Center, NY, for more than 50 years.

KYWC hosts a variety of weekly 75-minute yoga classes, the monthly drumming meditation circle, energy healing Sunday, as well as other events that support your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

The Center has eight acres of land including a 70-foot labyrinth, a stone circle, a ½ mile walking trail, and a community garden. Our grounds are open to the public during daylight hours. You are welcome to stroll on the trail, walk the labyrinth, relax, enjoy a quiet meal on one of our picnic tables or benches, and connect with nature. 

Would you like to teach a class or workshop or rent our facility for a private or public event? Read about our policies and fee schedule here.

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Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center Mission Statement

The Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center of Northern New York is founded on the belief that all humanity is one family and that the Divine is within each of us.  Our Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the integration and well-being of body, mind, and spirit.  We support this philosophy through the teaching and practice of yoga, health-related programs, and services to nurture personal growth and community.

Relax~ Rest ~ Revitalize ~ Experience our peaceful yoga center.

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KYWC News and Events: July 2024 sound healing, classes, workshops, retreats, and renovations! – mailchi.mp/75e1d3eb19ee/kywc-news-and-events-july-2024-classes-workshops-retreats-and-renovations… See MoreSee Less
KYWC News and Events: July 2024 classes, workshops, retreats, and renovations! – mailchi.mp/96f4a69aaee6/kywc-news-and-events-july-2024-classes-workshops-retreats-and-renovationsHi Folks, Sorry, I forgot to include Michelle’s Sound Bath on July 20th from 5-6 pm. Please arrive by 4:45 . Fee: $25 per person. Text or call Michelle at 910-987-0290 to pre-register by Thursday, evening, July 18th. Minimum 4 people. See MoreSee Less
The sixth limb of yoga is Dharana, which means Concentration. The goal of dharana is to focus your mind on one particular sound, mantra, object, place, or idea. It’s also about observing when our attention drifts away from what we want to concentrate on and bringing it back into focus. Dharana is mindfulness you can practice anytime. For example, keep your attention solely on your first bites of food, or the sound of your feet walking, or the feel of the wind on your face. Take a few moments to observe your breath. Developing the skill of focusing on one thing helps quiet your mind and keep intrusive thoughts at bay. See MoreSee Less
Woohoo! The new roof is going on and it’s looking great. See MoreSee Less
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