KYWC Member Practitioners and Facilitators

KYWC is fortunate to have members trained and experienced in a variety of mind, body, and spirit well-being modalities. We invite you to take advantage of their services.

Val Silver * assists clients in achieving personal well-being and transformation through a variety of modalities. She taps into her extensive experience and training as a holistic practitioner, energy worker, educator, Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reader, and life coach to serve as an intuitive, compassionate “guide on your side” to access your innate wisdom, insights, and self-healing power. Val is available for private sessions, lectures, and workshops. Website:

Steven Williams *

Gregory Morse *

Alice Chlumecky * Center for Spiritual Awareness

Delia (Feather) Windwalker is a NeuroSensory Practitioner employing Havening Techniques® as her primary protocol. Focusing on Emotional Wellness she guides clients to inner wisdom clearing unwanted emotional burdens. By releasing emotional suffering Feather supports your positive vision toward thriving on your most authentic life path, experiencing true Mental Health. < 

Clancy Cox

Jim Juczak Woodhenge Sustainable Community

*Certified energy practitioners who volunteer for monthly Healing Sunday energy healing sessions.

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