Public Grounds

KYWC has eight acres of grounds which are open to the public during daylight hours. All who come in peace are welcome.

Donations are appreciated to support grounds upkeep. The donation tube is located next to the kiosk. Please sign our guestbook, located inside the kiosk.

You are invited to:

KYWC artist's pathway
Artist’s Pathway featuring tin and metal punch art by Jim Burns
Spirit Nest ~ Walk in and peek out the side window for a great photo op!

And if you see us outside ~ we’d love for you to come over and say “Hi”. We really enjoy meeting and chatting with our visitors.

We also invite you to drop in for a yoga class, drumming circle, or wellness connection session and to attend our special events.

See a current listing of classes and events here. 

Don’t miss out! Receive notices of our upcoming special events and news. Sign up here.

We hope you enjoy your visit and come again soon!

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