KYWC Jan/Feb 2018 Classes and Events

Hello Friends,

Here is the schedule of classes and events for January and February. Please be mindful that KYWC is closed and all classes and events are canceled when South Jeff School District closes because of weather.  Evening classes are also canceled if after-school activities are canceled.

We are looking for certified yoga/tai chi teachers who would like to offer a class (or two) at the center. Interested or know a teacher who may be? Give us a call at 315-583-5500.

Do you have ideas for other classes/events you would like to take or offer? Contact us and via the contact form or let us know at the center.

Yoga Classes

Tuesday 9-10:30 AM Yoga with Barb 

Practice gently yoga breathing and meditation with guided relaxation, a great stress reliever.  The focus of Barbara’s class is between accessible and challenging, creating a catalyst for discovery and healing.

Tuesday Morning 11-12:30 PM Chair Yoga with Barb

Experience all the benefits of yoga from a chair, including breath work, postures, meditation and restorative elements. Most of the postures will be done from a seated position with a few standing using the chair for balance. Chair yoga practice will improve strength, flexibility, mindfulness and an overall sense of well being. We all need to keep moving – this is a safe way to move and practice yoga.

Thursday 6:30-8PM Yoga with Jeri 

Enjoy a nourishing, soothing and stabilizing flow of postures. The class winds down with restorative yoga postures to comfort your body down to the cellular level. This class is open to all levels from beginner to experienced.

Wellness Connection-Healing

Dates: Sunday, January 21 and February 21st.

Time: 2:00pm – 5:00 pm. Please arrive by 4:30.

Cost: By donation

Healers certified in a variety of energy healing modalities are welcome to volunteer their services on “Healing Sunday”. Please call for more information and request a volunteer application.

Join us for fellowship and spiritual teaching at 11 am for the Center for Spiritual Awareness service led by Reverend Denise. Receive a message and healing.  We also invite you to join us for a potluck lunch following the service and before the Wellness Connection.

Drumming Circle

Dates: Friday, January 12 and February 12th.

Time:  7:00 – 9:00 pm

Cost: By Donation.

We hope to see you for yoga and our other regularly scheduled events.  In the meantime, stay warm and safe.

All the best,