Volunteers Wanted 🙂

KYWC is in need of helping hands for 2019 Spring-Summer Volunteer Projects. If you have a few hours to share, please call Steve at 315-583-5500.

**Raking the Grass:  the Labyrinth Path, and the grass around the house and to clean out the flower beds, and the childrens’ Fairy Garden.

**Repair: the side walls on the Children’s Twig-Tree House.

Kripalu Yoga Center grounds

**Re-mulch: the parking lot to the house path, the picnic area, and the F.G.

**Walking Trail Path:  trim and cut the thorny branches that over the path, replace the pole flags, and set out the sitting chairs and benches.

**Relocate: the sitting benches and chairs, and top-coat paint the plastic patio chairs.

**Fairy Garden: put out the decorations and create more Fairy House structures out of sticks and other found items.

Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center, NNY

**Create:  more Artistic Sculpture Art on the trail and the gardens.

**Assist: with planting the annual flowers in pots and gardens

**Wash:  the house windows inside and outside.

Your help is much appreciated. Thank you!